Coffee Scrub

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Exfoliate your skin with this energizing coconut and vanilla infused coffee scrub. Aside from the delicious scent, this face and body scrub works to slough away all those dead skin cells to reveal new, radiant and soft skin. The coffee grounds work to stimulate circulation and tighten the skin, reducing appearance of both cellulite as well as stretch marks

Recommended for: all skin types - use this coffee scrub before shaving or waxing to prevent pesky ingrown hairs and/or painful razor bumps!

How to use: take approx. a tbsp size at a time in your palms. Apply to dry or wet skin in circular motions. Rinse off and follow up with one of our beauty bars

Ingredients: organic arabica coffee beans, organic cold-pressed/unrefined coconut oil, organic cane sugar, vanilla oil

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